Vaadin with Scala

Vaadin's Scala documentation doesn't include a full example, so here's how to get your app up and running from start to finish.

This post shows a fully working ‘Hello World’ application in Vaadin 8 with Scala 2.12 running on Jetty. Following my frustrated attempt to Dockerize an Ionic application as the Web UI of my petty Akka project, I started evaluating the latest version of Vaadin. I followed the “Using Vaadin with Scala” documentation to create a ‘Hello World’, but the documentation doesn’t contain a fully working example. So I’ve put the steps below to help others who might be in the same situation as I was. [Read More]

Vaadin 8 + Scala 2.12

Starting a project with Vaadin 8 with Scala 2.12

This post is about running the Vaadin 8 Hello World with Scala 2.12 and Jetty. Following my frustrated attempt to Dockerise an Ionic 3 application for web browser, I went back to Vaadin in order to get a UI quickly working for my Akka project. I found the following Vaadin+Scala documentation which is a good start but it doesn’t show how to actually run it using the Maven Jetty plugin. [Read More]